January 2019 Edition. Volume XIX

This overview by the Burton Report® represents an unique opportunity to focus on a very important subject.  Improved airline safety has resulted from studying “why planes crash.”  The future improvement of spine care will also result from studying why spine patients have “crashed” (the so-called “failed back surgery syndrome“) and taking productive action for change. Here, for the viewer’s edification is a listing of the leading causes for medical-legal suits in the field of spine care based on the Burton Experience. The second list represents the most common spine care “transgressions” (not usually accompanied by a medical-legal concomitant).

Most Common Causes of Medical Malpractice Suits
1.  Failure to Communicate With Patient
2.  Failure to Obtain True Informed Consent
3.  Failure to Surgically Intervene When Indicated (Case)
4.  Failure to Use Steroids Following Trauma (Case)
5.  Ill-Advised Epidural Steroid Injections (Case)
6.  Failure to Achieve Adequate Surgical Exposure (Case)
7.  Surgery at the Wrong Level

Most Common Spine Care Transgressions

1. Failure to Establish a Correct Diagnosis
2. Failure to Establish Adequate Training for a Surgical Procedure
3. Lack of Understanding of Spine Pathophysiology
4. Failure to Diagnose and Correct Lateral Spinal Stenosis
5. Failure to Understand and Diagnose Adhesive Arachnoiditis
6. Failure to Obtain a Learned “Second Opinion”

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