December 2018 Edition. Volume XVIII

A Return To Nonsense: Coreopsis As A Medical Diagnosis

In the 1947 movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, Danny Kaye daydreams that he is a world famous surgeon in the process of making an incision, when he suddenly announces to the collective operative team that “coreopsis” has set in and all involved then recoil in...

The Battle Of the “Wild Wrist”

When the editor, as part of  his neurosurgical training at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, was sent for a 6 month rotation as chief resident in neurosurgery at Baltimore City Hospitals (now the Francis Scott Key Medical Center) the Chief of Surgery was Dr. Mark...

On the Banning of Drugs and Therapies

When serious problems occur in health care there is always a “knee-jerk” response by many to impose a ban and thus provide an immediate and  definitive response to the issue.  While such responses may be emotionally satisfying they often represent answers...

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