August 2020 Edition. Volume XX

Palladin04 Mass execution-style killings of the innocent and defenseless continue unabated across the globe. In the United States it is clear that government has been, and continues to be paralyzed from implementing rational and productive courses of action. Innovative and creative thought is dearly required at this time in order to offer citizens some sense of safety.

Burton Report would like to suggest a new and different approach. That of creating Paladins. Classically Paladins have been legendary peers or knightly champions . This could continue to be the case in a modern world.

The certification of Paladins would require the development of a new and unique thought and credentialing process. It would involve enlisting those individuals who would be willing and able to meet and then follow the following requirements:

  • Extensive background screening.
  • Extensive firearms training.
  • Continuing firearms recertification.
  • Periodic behavioral peer review.
  • Acceptance of the circumstances under which there Paladin certification could be revoked.

Much like “enhanced” drivers licenses and airline “pre-check” Paladin certification would be a new official recognition which would allow a unique and limited group of individuals to maintain concealed carry, at all times, in all environments.


At the present time there are many state gun laws. There are also many federal statutes regulating the manufacture, trade, possession, transfer, record keeping, transport, and destruction of firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories. None of these laws has yet prevented extremists from obtaining the weapons they seek to destroy innocents.

As of July, 2016 qver the past four decades, the United States has experienced an average of 19 mass shootings a year claiming an estimated 3,712 victims. Research has documented that those states which have passed “right-to-carry” laws have experienced a significant decrease in deaths and injuries from multiple-victim shootings of strangers while non-stranger homicides have dramatically increased at the same time. It is clear that these trends will only increase in the future unless some sort of reasonable action is taken.

Why is there so much death and violence which is unique to the United States? Well clearly there are many factors we need to stop and think about the steady diet of violence and death being fed to all of us, on a daily basis, in our newspapers, magazines, television, movies and other means of communication. Perhaps this is but only another example of the xylotyl phenomenon.

While it is fact that the second amendment of the Constitution is consistently a front page issue most American citizens are unaware that another fundamental principle of American law is that the government, and its agents, are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection to any individual citizen. Law enforcement in the United States is clearly not geared to the protection of individual citizens and is, in many environments, presently unable to effectively cope with endemic crime.

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