February 2020 Edition. Volume XX

After more than 70 years of medicine and government effectively “sweeping under the rug” the addressing of the issue of causing disabling chemical meningitis through the ill-advised administration of steroid suspensions for the purpose of myelography in literally hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting patients throughout the world. New Zealand has led the way but Australia appears to have, once again, stepped forward to focus on this issue of “the right thing to do” in specific regard to adhesive arachnoiditis the specific disease resulting from chemical meningitis caused by the use of oil based myelographic agents.

In February 2013 the Federal Parliament of Australia appealed to Glaxo Smith Kline to “do the right thing” in assisting patients disabled by adhesive arachnoiditis from their products by setting up a charity for this purpose.  This request has not yet been initiated.

It remains most most disturbing that after over half a century no one has been actually held accountable for this blot on world health care. Also, because the issue has never been provided with the exposure it deserves, patients and physicians have not learned from history.  The continuing fall-out from this phenomenon has been the continued practice of ill-advised blind epidural steroid injections (using suspensions containing toxic materials) continuing to cause disabling chemical meningitis leading to the pathologic entity adhesive arachnoiditis.

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