August 2019 Edition. Volume XIX

When homo-sapiens first began biped ambulation on this high gravity planet it became evident that really good spinal equipment was necessary for the task as the environmental challenges were great.  By carefully choosing one’s parents our genetic status could be optimized.  By avoiding significant and insult and injury our spines could be best preserved to last a lifetime.  There were, however, the unplanned and unforeseen injuries which could occur and ruin one’s expectations.  If however these genomic and other liabilities did not occur what then could a person do to obtain maximal performance and life-expectancy from their spine?

What follows is a basic discussion on how to potentiate one’s spine.

Those who think they have not time for exercise, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

These words are attributed to Edward Stanley, 15th Earl of Derby in the 18th century and are still most appropriate in the 21st.  Exercise is not only one of the keys to good spine and body care but has also been shown to potentiate longevity.  Other important considerations are good nutrition, not smoking, maintaining reasonable body weight and obtaining good medical care for potentially disabling disease entities such as diabetes mellitus.

The employment of stabilization exercises, stretching and spine distraction on a regular basis are also most important, and particularly so for those who start out with imperfect spines or injured spines.  The means of maintaining good quality of life from the spine standpoint exist.  When treatment is required the patient should look first to the non-invasive therapies.


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