August 2020 Edition. Volume XX


During a relatively short period of time during the twentieth century the era of the specialty practice of spine surgery and spine care were born.  The establishing of any new discipline in medicine has never been an easy task.  The medical profession has been typically noted for its resistance to change.  The classic proof of this point has been the saga of Hungarian physician Ignaz Philipp Semmelweiss (1818-1865) who died, a broken man, after trying to convince doctors to simply wash their hands between the autopsy and delivery rooms in order to prevent mothers from dying with puerperal fever.

Those who have led the way to productive change deserve to be honored for their important contributions as well as their perseverance and fortitude.  The Burton Report® Spine Hall of Fame was created to acknowledge some of these important pioneers who, in our opinion, have allowed spine care to emerge as a worthwhile medical endeavor.

Harry Crock

Walter Dandy

Anthony Dwyer

Harry Farfan

William Glenn

Kenneth Heithoff

Fred Kahn

Elizabeth Kenny

William Kirkaldy-Willis

Leonard Malis

Frank Mayfield

Charles Ray

Charles Rosen

David Selby

C. Norman Shealy

James (Walt) Simmons, Jr.

Sarah (Andreae-Jones) Smith

Wesley Parke

Isadore Tarlov

Henk Verbiest

Leon Wiltse

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