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In 2002 the British Medical Journal pointed out that unfortunately most medical research did not provide information that matters to patients.  They described the term “POEM” which stood for “Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters” (developed at the University of Virginia by Drs. Slawson and Shaughnessy) and indicated that because of their importance POEMs would be published, on a weekly basis, in their journal .

In the Editor’s opinion, based on his personal observation, Low Intensity Laser Therapy as being practiced by Fred Kahn M.D. and his associates through the use of their BioFlex Devices qualify for designation as a “POTM” standing for “Patient Oriented Therapy that Matters“.  By the application of careful long-term clinical observation Dr. Kahn has also provided POEM documentation in a number of publications including “Low Intensity Laser Therapy: In Clinical Practice” published by Meditech in 2008.  Most certainly this information is of great value.  Interested parties can learn more by surfing the web using the term: “Meditech Laser”.

Charles Burton, M.D., F.A.C.S.
St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Over the past two decades I believe that Low Intensity Laser Therapy has advanced to the point where it can now be termed “the New Dimension in Medical Practice”.  Most importantly, it has proven to be highly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, arthritis, soft tissue and sport injuries, wound healing and the treatment of numerous dermatological conditions and in most of these conditions it can actually be termed to be the treatment of choice.  This technology has also demonstrated significant and not infrequently dramatic effects in the treatment of challenging medical conditions resistant to other conventional and traditional therapies.  These include Crohn’s disease, Endometriosis, Dementias, Systemic and Neurological disorders.

There are many different therapies presently being offered to patients.  Many of these are not yet accompanied by solid scientific evidence  Most people are aware that medical lasers first became used in surgery in 1962 but not many know that the initial experimental study on low intensity laser was performed by Endre Mester, M.D working at the Semmelwiess Hospital (a most auspicious heritage) in Budapest, Hungary in 1966.

When I first became interested in low intensity laser two decades ago it became evident that someone was going to have to take the time to develop and improve this technology and to also to determine how to best apply it. This required the designing and manufacturing of custom laser systems which led to the creation of Meditech International Inc. in 1989.  Our advances in Low Intensity Laser Therapy since then have reflected the synergy generated by basic researchers, different engineering disciplines and the contribution of many clinicians working together over two decades.

Light energy represents photonic streams of electron particles which need to be accurately and precisely delivered; this is a challenge because there is an almost infinite range of possible protocol combinations and permutations.  The parameters utilized consist of pulse frequency, duty cycle, wavelength, waveform, duration and other forms of modulation.  The Meditech protocols that have been tailored to be disease specific.  Additionally, customization has allowed for individualized treatments and settings which have been determined by extensive clinical experience, to be effective for many complex and challenging medical conditions.

Meditech manufactures devices for the professional market as well as for home application thus allowing for practical long-term maintenance therapy by the patients at home.  For instance, when an arthritic knee has been treated at the office and requires ongoing therapy in order to continue cartilaginous regeneration, this approach brings significant permanent benefit.  Moreover, almost invariably, it eliminates the need for knee replacement.

Our staff at Meditech firmly believe in “Progress through Education” and because of this practitioners who wish to utilize our lasers for integration into their practice, must undergo a three day Certification Course. Meditech also provides specialized seminars directed to the treatment of Back Problems, Wound Healing and other topics of interest on a regular basis.  Bi-annually Meditech hosts an International Conference that brings together a faculty of basic researchers and clinicians from around the globe

The corporate headquarters of Meditech are located in Toronto, Canada along with two Laser Therapy Clinics. To date, over 2000 systems have been acquired by hospitals and clinics in 48 countries where some clinics are being established onsite to to provide immediate therapy for injured workers as well as those with chronic conditions.  The economic advantages of this approach should be clearly apparent as there is then only a minimum of lost work time; moreover, operating and insurance costs are reduced concomitant with the improved physical status of the work-force.

Almost 40% of the patients being treated at the Meditech Clinics in Toronto suffer from back problems including disc herniations, multi-level degenerative disc disease, often accompanied by radiculitis and/or stenosis.  Many have undergone 1, 2 or even 3 previous surgical procedures without improvement.  Some patients obtain dramatic relief after only 2-3 therapy sessions, whereas in others, persistence and continuation of treatment (sometimes up to 30 or 40 sessions) with the appropriate adjustment of protocols is required in order to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Fred Kahn, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 2011


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